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488nm, 200mW Scientific Laser Diode/Modul

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Dieses wissenschaftliche 488nm Lasermodul wird von Kvant Laser entwickelt und produziert. Gerne von Universitäten genutzt. Optional mit Faserkopplung.
Auch mit 50mW und 2000mW zu bekommen.

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Designed for a wide range of research and scientific applications, these 488nm laser diodes modules are offered in a self-contained enclosure and deliver user adjustable power up to 200mW. These Scientific Series lasers offer excellent power stability, beam structure, and pointing stability. They can be purchased with an integrated OEM power supply or with a fully integrated bench-top controller with front panel interface.


Turn-Key Performance:

The emitter source of these units is an integrated sky blue gallium nitride laser diode from Nichia. These units precisely control the bias current and temperature of the laser. They include a LASORB protection component which offers the highest level of ESD and transient protection. The laser source is a TO-can which is mounted into a 5.6mm socket that is actively cooled to 25 degrees C. The TO-can socket and laser are enclosed in an anodized aluminum housing. These units are designed to run in continuous wave mode. The bias current range is preset to prevent the possibility of over driving the laser source and the unit has an over-temperature shut down feature based on feedback from a sensor located against the laser package header.


Pre-Configured Power Supply and Cooling System:

These modules ship with a pre-configured power supply that has a maximum current range limit within the safety ratings of the laser. The user has the ability to adjust the amplitude of the bias current and adjust the laser output power in a linear fashion. A separate 5 VDC power supply is used as an input to the current controller to set the bias point and adjust the optical output power. The pre-set limits in the controller unit will not allow the user to over-drive the Nichia 488nm source.


Key Features

Integrated NICHIA part number NDS4216 Laser Diode
488nm, User Adjustable Output Power 0 ~ 200mW
Pre-Configured Turn-Key Source with Power Supply + Laser Diode Installed into Cooled Housing + Cables
Integrated Lasorb ESD Protection Circuitry for Safe, Reliable Operation
Single Transverse Mode
Spatial Mode: TEM00
Mode Quality Factor M^2 ~ 1


Optical power (mW):200
Center wavelength (nm):488
Center wavelength tolerance (nm):± 5
Beam mode structure:TEM00
Beam diameter* (1/e2, mm):4
Beam diverg. (half angle,mrad):0.2
Linear polarization:Y
M2 :~ 1
Max. modulation freq.(kHz):10
OEM driver** peak power consumption:24V/2A
Head Dimensions (LxWxH,mm):92x61x46

Technical Data

OPTICAL output Specifications
  • Internal Source Laser Diode: NICHIA part number NDS4216
  • Center Wavelength: 488nm
  • Adjustable Optical Optical Output Power: 0mW to 200mW
  • Center Wavelength Tolerance: ±5nm
  • Spatial Mode: TEM00
  • Power Stability: <0.5 % (24hrs)
  • Beam Diameter (@ 1/e²): 4mm
  • Beam Divergence (half angle): 0.2mrad
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Mode Quality, M^2: ~ 1
  • Maximum modulation frequency: 100 kHz
  • RMS noise (100 Hz to 10 MHz): <0.3%
  • Operating Temperature Range: 10°C – 40°C
Packaging & Power Supply Details
  • Laser Enclosure Dimensions (L x W x H): 87mm x 60mm x 45mm
  • Includes AC to DC Power Supply: 24 Volts, 2 Amps
  • Includes Current and Temperature Controller Unit: User Adjustable Laser Diode Drive Current; Pre-Set Operating Temperature Set Point
  • Includes Factory Pre-Set Upper Current Limit for Protection of Source Laser
  • Includes Factory Pre-Set Upper Operating Temperature Limit for Protection of Source Laser
  • 1 Year All-Inclusive, All Parts and Labor
common applications
  • Flow cytometry
  • Metrology
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Microlithography
  • Ellipsometry


At any laser module we offer, you can chose several options.
Here are some of them:

  • Beam Diameter / Divergence
  • Beam Shape: Round or Elliptical
  • Output Beam with or without mechanical shutter
  • Optional Fiber output
  • Driver: Industrial OEM or Laboratoy Bench Top Controller
  • suitable Heatsink

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