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405nm, 200mW Scientific Laser Diode


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Product Overview:

These 405nm Scientific Series laser diode modules were designed to deliver very high stability in research laboratory environments. They are a plug and play source and control solution which includes the laser diode mounted into a thermally stabilized head, the controller unit (Current & Temperature Control), and the interface cable. These modules also come with an integrated LASORB protection diode which clamps and blocks voltage and current transients and ESD. They come standard with an OEM controller unit included in the purchase price. Alternately, a fully integrated bench-top controller with front panel interface can be purchased.


Flexible User Controls:

These sources offer the user the ability to set amplitude using the OEM controller unit. If the benchtop control unit is ordered, the user has simple control of the current through a front panel display and front panel adjustment knob. With the benchtop control unit, the user also has the ability to fine tune the wavelength by adjusting the temperature set point.


405nm Laser Diode Protection:

These units offer multiple layers of protection. An integrated LASORB diode on the current supply board offers a fail-safe clamp of the current / voltage to the integrated laser diode. The LASORB was designed to eliminate the possibility of power surges and ESD damaging the laser. Also, a temperature safe range is pre-set at the factory prior to shipment which protects the integrated Nichia laser diode from over heating damage.


Key Features

  • Pre-Configured Turn-Key System Includes Power Supply + Nichia Laser Diode Installed into Cooled Housing + Cables
  • 405nm Center Wavelength with User Adjustable Output Power 0 ~ 200mW
  • Integrated Lasorb ESD and Surge Clamp Protection for Fail-Safe, Reliable Operation
  • Mode Quality Factor: M^2: ~ 1
  • Beam Structure: TEM00

Technical Data

OPTICAL Specifications
  • Center Wavelength: 405nm
  • Center Wavelength Tolerance: ±5nm
  • User Adjustable Output Power: 0 – 200mW
  • Beam Structure: TEM00
  • Power Stability: <0.5 % (24hrs)
  • Beam Diameter (@ 1/e²): 4mm
  • Beam divergence (half angle): 0.2mrad
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Mode Quality Factor: M^2: ~ 1
  • Maximum modulation frequency: 10 kHz
  • RMS noise (100 Hz to 10 MHz): <0.3%
  • Operating Temperature Range: 10°C ~ 40°C
common applications
  • Flow cytometry
  • Metrology
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Microlithography
  • Quantum Optics
  • Ellipsometry
Packaging & Power Suppy
  • Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH in mm): 92mm x 61mm x 46mm
  • DC Power Supply and Control Unit Included
  • Optional Benchtop Power Supply (request details)